By Annie Barrett
Updated August 03, 2020 at 06:14 PM EDT

We’ve been introduced to a whole lotta love over the past year — if not in our real lives then in our “real” lives as TV fanatics. That sentence is so sad. I’m leaving it. Anyway, we want to know which TV couples you love, including new couples on preexisting series (Avery and Jack from 30 Rock) and couples on new series (Jules and Grayson from Cougar Town).

My favorite new couple: Mitchell and Cameron from Modern Family. I love how they’re almost complete opposites, but just when its seems like each finds the other so ridiculous that maybe they won’t find common ground, one will throw a tiny “this is why I love him” glance to the camera. The interview format of the show makes their whole dynamic even more adorable — most of the time, only viewers get to see those hidden gems.

Which couples introduced to you over the 2009-2010 TV season have been your favorites? And which couples are the worst? As we know, Mandi doesn’t like Steve with Haddie on Parenthood, and I perhaps irrationally hate the idea of “Schue” and Emma from Glee. And even though I enjoy Ed Helms and Ellie Kemper in The Office, I can’t get behind Andy and Erin as a couple. They’re both so oblivious, and Erin in particular is so dim it’s hard to tell if she realizes that the cute new developments between them are even happening.

Give us a passionate plea, and it might end up among our featured Reader Picks in an upcoming photo gallery.

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