By Simon Vozick-Levinson
Updated May 28, 2010 at 02:57 PM EDT
Credit: Noel Vasquez/Getty Images

Image Credit: Noel Vasquez/Getty ImagesConan O’Brien is headed for basic cable on TBS, but his old sidekick is likely keeping it old-school at CBS. The L.A. Times reports that Andy Richter is currently “sealing a deal” to host a new version of Pyramid, the game show Dick Clark used to host in the ’70s. (Apparently, Donny Osmond hosted a previous Pyramid reboot in 2002-04…. Must have missed that.)

According to the Times, Richter wasn’t exactly CBS’ first choice: “Last year, there were two pilots made, one with Dean Cain as host, the other with Tim Vincent, and neither got off the ground. An effort to land Howie Mandel fell short.” Ouch.

But you know what? I think this could be a good move for Richter. His goofy affability is just right for a game show host. And it’s not like his attempts to become a sitcom star have worked out. (Sorry, Andy Richter Controls the Universe and/or Andy Barker, P.I. fans.) Anyway, I know I’d rather watch a Richter-led Pyramid than another game show hosted by Howie Mandel. How about you?