USA has picked up a half-hour comedy, Driven, penned by Linda Bloodworth-Thomason (Designing Women, Evening Shade, Hearts Afire). Blue Collar comedian Ron White is set to star as “an out-of-work Austin, Texas, resident who launches a limo business,” Variety reports. How did I picture Lost‘s Sawyer in this role? Well, I’d just heard the one-line synopsis and thought flannel, jeans, cowboy boots, scruff, smarmy guy hitting on/scamming his passengers — Josh Holloway.

Reading the fine print, I do concede that Ron White is a better fit for a comedy to be exec produced by Bloodworth and her husband, Harry Thomason. (For Holloway to do a half-hour comedy, it would need to be on Showtime.) The idea of native Texan White, known for having a cigar and a cocktail in his hand while he’s onstage, being behind the wheel is funny. Plus, the man likes to wear a suit while he’s talking toilet humor (sample below) — that bodes well for a limo driver. (There’s also something sexy about him when he’s performing — I think it’s his delivery. There’s no rushing.)

As for Holloway, I wouldn’t mind seeing him on an hour-long USA dramedy. Imagine him popping up in Miami shirtless as a professional rival/love interest for Gabrielle Anwar’s trigger-happy Fiona on Burn Notice. Holloway facing off against Jeffrey Donovan’s Michael Westen? Nice, right? (I also second the suggestion that he join the cast of True Blood. Clearly, we want him somewhere hot and sweaty.)

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