By Adam Markovitz
Updated May 27, 2010 at 04:32 PM EDT

There are loads of cute moments in the trailer for the new rom-com Life As We Know It (watch it below), which stars Katherine Heigl and Josh Duhamel as enemies who end up raising their mutual friends’ baby together after an accident. You’ve got your grown-up humor, your slapstick, and enough awwwwwdorable baby antics to fill a full season of America’s Funniest Home Videos. And yet, the whole time, I only had one thought in my head…

Damn, those are two fine-looking people. Seriously, Heigl and Duhamel are both smoking-hot, jaw-dropping, sober 10s whose sole function in the world is to give the rest of us a collective inferiority complex. And that’s got me worried. How’s that baby going to cope when it ventures out into the world, only to find that the rest of the human population is made up of people at least 30 percent less hot than Auntie Kate and Uncle J? Maybe they should send it to a special superhot daycare with the Jolie-Pitts and Brady-Bundchens, where the kids can grow up safely in an aesthetically protected environment.

Are you as worried as I am, PopWatchers? And what do you think of the movie? Let us know in the comments!Vodpod videos no longer available.