Adam Lambert | (Written by Justin Hawkins; produced by Rob Cavallo) Even cynics who think American Idol is the head horseman summoning the music-industry apocalypse will have a…

A report by PopEater columnist Rob Shuter claiming that American Idol producers nixed Adam Lambert’s performance on the season finale because he failed to show up for rehearsals is filled with “false information,” says a rep for the season 8 runner-up. What happened, says 19 Entertainment’s Roger Widynowski, is that, like most major Idol grads, Adam was approached by producers about being a part of the telecast, which included seven out of eight previous Idol winners and a stage full of additional bold-faced show alumni paying tribute to departing judge Simon Cowell. Lambert, however, came down with a case of laryngitis over the weekend, and with his Glam Nation tour set to begin June 4 in Wilkes-Barre, PA, he was promptly placed on vocal rest. “He was never confirmed to do the show. He never skipped rehearsal,” adds Widynowski.

The PopEater article, however, quotes an unnamed source claiming that Lambert “did not show up for rehearsals, sending producers scrambling because they weren’t sure ‘if Adam is sick, being a diva, or worse, planning something that he does not want people to see.'” It goes on to say that Lambert wasn’t “interested in changing his performances to suit [Idol producers’] standards” and that “his non-appearance will be played off by claiming Lambert is sick.”

“That’s completely fabricated,” responds Widynowski.

One fact Widynowski and Shuter agree on is that Lambert did send out a Tweet on May 19 announcing he wouldn’t be part of the season-ending telecast. “Unfortunately not performing on Idol Finale. Guess they have plenty of artists booked. Catch me on Ellen tommorow [sic] and Leno on Friday,” Lambert wrote.

Requests for comment from Fox and American Idol were not immediately responded to. Check back at this space for any further updates.