Alice in Wonderland | ALICE IN WONDERLAND The interior designer had a thing for rouge

On paper, Tim Burton would appear to be the ideal guy to adapt Lewis Carroll’s trippy tale for the big screen. Sadly, he gets lost down his own rabbit hole of eye-candy quirk. Alice in Wonderland is a gorgeous mess. Even Johnny Depp, who ? rarely disappoints, seems like he’s frantically pulling out tricks and tics from his other (better) Burton collaborations: ? a dose of Scissorhands, a dash of Wonka. Honestly, there’s just too much of everything…except ? EXTRAS. The standard DVD has three slight featurettes — the best shows off Depp’s watercolor sketches of the Mad Hatter. The Blu-ray serves up profiles of each of the main characters and a deeper behind-the-scenes look at the production. C

Alice in Wonderland
  • Movie
  • 109 minutes