By Karen Valby
Updated May 25, 2010 at 03:39 PM EDT

Another movie that Megan Fox will not be starring in. According to Variety, Paramount has optioned the 2011 novel Gideon’s Sword, the first in Douglas Preston and Lincoln Child’s planned techno thriller series, for Transformers auteur Michael Bay. The hope, presumably, is that hero Gideon Crew will join the ranks of Robert Langdon, Jack Ryan, Indiana Jones, Optimus Prime.

Say what you want of Michael Bay (or even this novel), but kudos to the man for putting the delightful scene-chewer Timothy Olyphant (from Justified and last summer’s terrifically underrated Perfect Getaway) in a starring role in another project: the Bay-produced, James Frey-penned sci-fi thriller I Am Number Four. Anyone’s interest piqued by Bay’s latest?