By Vlada Gelman
Updated May 25, 2010 at 08:48 PM EDT

ABC Family has acquired the cable syndication rights to the brilliant, but ratings-challenged Friday Night Lights, The Wrap reports. The cable network will air all five seasons of the show from the start beginning this September. No, you didn’t jump in time and miss a season. The show’s currently airing its fourth season on NBC, but was already renewed for a 13-episode fifth season as part of the NBC-DirecTV partnership that repeatedly saved the show from cancellation. The fifth and final season will air on DirecTV this fall before it premieres on NBC in 2011.

ABC Family’s rebroadcasts sound like the perfect way to relieve the glory of the first season or check out what all the fuss is about before the series signs off. Perhaps the move will even get some people to finally realize the show is not about football. That’s just the engine that drives the stories about life, love, work, duty, money, racism and, yes, family. Friday Night Lights is more grounded than ABC Family’s newer fare, but it should still fit in nicely with the network’s “a new kind of family” lineup, which includes reruns of Gilmore Girls. Now, if only they could bring back reruns of Everwood.

PopWatchers, will you tune in to relive Friday Night Lights from the beginning on ABC Family? Any newbies plan on checking it out?