Image Credit: ABCGulp. Sigh. Yay! Yikes! Lot of emotions swirling around today as we prepare to embrace The End of Lost. Just think: By night’s end, you will have all of/some of/few of the answers to the weighty questions that have been keeping you up at night and annoying your family members/friends/co-workers who never watched the show. But before we walk into the light, let us engage in a quick review session. In this week’s installment of Totally Lost, we analyze several critical issues presented in last week’s episode of “What They Died For,” such as Ben’s seeming return to the dark side and the heady responsibilities of the Island Guardian. We also chat about what we want to see in tonight’s Wookie-size blowout finale, fittingly titled “The End.” And given that breaking up is hard to do, we won’t say our farewells just yet—Totally Lost will present one more show so we can address and assess the finale. Follow @ewdocjensen and @dansnierson for more details on when that potentially weepy installment shall come to fruition. Happy viewing tonight, y’all, and watch the video. Upon completion, tell us: What is Ben’s master plan? How does one eliminate a Smokey situation? What Acts of Awesome are you expecting from Desmond “Failsafe” Hume? And which questions and themes do you need the finale to tackle so you can end this journey as a satisfied little camper? If you’re having trouble watching videos on PopWatch or you’re on an iPhone/iPad, head over to the Totally Lost hub for Part 1, Part 2, and Part 3.

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