Paula Abdul will return along with former contestants for a special sendoff for Simon Cowell on Wednesday’s American Idol finale, reports People. Ooh, this is just like Kate Gosselin returning for Tuesday’s Dancing With the Stars finale, except Paula is generally adored, relevant to the show at hand, and talented. Christina Aguilera will be there, too, but Fox is keeping quiet about who else will appear on Wednesday’s season 9 finale. What we do know: Crystal Bowersox or Lee DeWyze will be named the winner and Simon will halfheartedly wave goodbye to TV for over a year after being booed for the last time by Randy Jackson. (Simon’s U.S. version of X-Factor is slated for fall 2011.)

Is anyone else dying for Paula to get up and dance during the finale, preferably in her aerobic dance video outfit? It’s so beautiful. I’d like to see a Paula/Ellen/Kara dance-off to a techno remix of the American Idol theme song that has like two notes in it. Alternatively, Paula could just be sitting between Randy and Simon as the show opens, like we’ve stumbled upon some creepy sideways world. “Guys, where are we?” she’d drawl. You’ve seen Lost. Anything is possible.

Will you be glad to see Paula return? Perhaps she’ll get cozy enough to stay ’til next spring…

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