Image Credit: Craig BlankenhornIt’s Friday afternoon, folks—let’s have some fun! And by fun, of course, I’m talking about Liza Minnelli! Singing “Single Ladies”! On the Sex & the City 2 soundtrack!

OK, so I should amend that first statement of mine: It’s Friday afternoon, folks—let’s have some gay, gay, gay fun! Just to give you a little context for why, exactly, Ms. Liza would be singing “Single Ladies” on the Sex & the City 2 soundtrack—you don’t need to know much more than the fact that she’s in the movie to officiate Stanford and Anthony’s wedding. Yes, literally. It’s happens! And then she sings “Single Ladies”—natch, in her standard sequined black mini caftan. Before I go further though, let’s all take a moment to just bask in Liza doing Beyoncé, which leaked on the internets earlier today:

Mind blown? Yah, I thought so. So, admittedly, Liza’s version of “Single Ladies” isn’t quite Beyoncé—but it’s so Liza, yes? I think it’s sort of genius. Favorite part: When she says “good luck” at the end. There’s something sweet about that. What do you think of Liza’s “Ladies”? Make you want to see the movie even more now?

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