May 21, 2010 at 05:40 PM EDT

Situation: You’ve broken up with your ex and moved on to another relationship. On a Friday evening, you and the newbie hit the club for some late-night fun. While grooving on the dance floor, you look up. Lo and behold, there’s your ex, creepily staring at the two of you.

You’d be freaked out, right? Well, Swedish pop star Robyn is that girl. At least in this video. She’s sad. And throwing wild jabs at no one, she’s also gone mad. I think it might be time for a restraining order. Robyn’s a little too close for comfort. Watch her stalk her ex after the jump.

This is the first single from her forthcoming set, Body Talk Pt. 1. What do you think of her psycho jam? Creeped out? Or ready for more?

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