Meet some of the lesser-known scene-stealing members of New Directions

By Tim Stack
Updated May 21, 2010 at 04:00 AM EDT

Heather Morris (Brittany)

You toured with Beyoncé before landing Glee, right?
I did the Beyoncé Experience [tour] with her and when I came back, I started working with Zach [Woodlee], the resident choreographer for Glee. He kept hiring me for more things, so I built a good relationship with him. Then I went back with Beyoncé and did ”Single Ladies.” When I was done, he called me and said, ”I know you’re sick of that dance, but is there any way you could teach the [Glee cast]?”

Can you do that dance in your sleep at this point?
It’s like the alphabet.

Was Brittany originally such an airhead?
No, I was cast as a dancer, the mean girl with Santana. I wasn’t made dumb until the fifth episode.

There are all these hints that she’s bisexual.
I try to figure it out and ask questions, but I think they just like to play around with Brittany and Santana.

Do you think we’ll ever meet Brittany’s family?
She doesn’t even have a last name at this point. I would love to meet my little sister and mom. I wonder if they’re actually really smart people.

Do you have a favorite Brittany line?
I think my favorite is ”Dolphins are just gay sharks.”

Dijon Talton (Matt)

I don’t think I even know your character’s name.
That’s crazy, right? But I do have a name, it’s Matt Rutherford. He’s kind of an enigma.

Do you know anything about him?
I think that we’re all kind of finding out more about Matt as it goes.

Do you have a favorite performance from the past season?
The one I like to watch the most is when the girls do ”Bad Romance.” There’s always a competition between the girls and the boys, and the boys of course always win.

Naya Rivera (Santana)

How did you land the role on Glee?
I’ve been in the business since I was 5. This was just one of those auditions I lucked out on.

Santana’s relationship with Brittany is interesting.
I love it. It’s funny — people think she might be bisexual, but when I was in high school, I held hands with my friends.

Do you think Ryan Murphy named her Santana because it contains the word ”Satan”?
That’s really funny. I’ve never even made that observation. I wouldn’t put it past him.

Harry Shum Jr. (Mike)

Do people think your character’s name is ”Other Asian”?
It’s a funny joke. People really clung to that, but more and more it’s a balance. Half know me as that, half know me as Mike Chang.

Have you had a favorite performance?
The one that really stands out is the mattress number [set to Van Halen’s ”Jump”]. It was just a day of being a kid. We literally just got to jump on our backs and flip, and if we fell, it was okay because it was part of the number.

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