Readers sound off on the series finale of the Island adventure

By EW Staff
May 21, 2010 at 04:00 AM EDT

More on Lost’s Last Stand
In honor of Lost’s final episode, we are hosting a party with an Island-themed menu. We’re starting with Jin and tonics, followed by chicken Dharma-giana, Jack Shephard’s pie, and Sayid dishes like Hurley fries and corn on the Ja-cob. For dessert, we’ll enjoy cup-Kates, Sun-daes, and e-Claires and split a Charlotte Rousseau. Benjamint, anyone?
Larry and Joan Gottlieb
Hawthorne, N.Y.

I enjoyed reading your Lost spin-off ideas. That said, imagine my acute disappointment when I saw no mention of a Sawyer/ Miles buddy-cop show. Josh Holloway and Ken Leung are comic gold.
Stephanie Train
Fort Collins, Colo.

Lost: Fond Farewell or Good Riddance?
Our Lost-centric issue had readers as bitterly divided as the Losties and the Others. Here’s a breakdown of the mailbag, and an example from each camp.

If the actual finale is as entertaining as your ”end of Lost” package, we can look forward to a most transcendent experience on May 23. I’ve been following your Lost coverage from the beginning, and this was truly your most fulfilling offering. Kudos and thanks!
David Lampert

How annoying to find my favorite magazine lost to me this week with an entire issue devoted to a show I neither watch nor care about.
Richard Cummins Portland, Ore.