By Kate Ward
May 20, 2010 at 10:48 PM EDT

Image Credit: Mike Ruiz/The CWEvery America’s Next Top Model fan knows that since cycle 3, the show might as well have been retitled “America’s” Next “Top” “Model.” (Because the series is really about the crowning of Tyra’s Next Kind of Pretty Girl That Will Quickly Disappear From Pop Culture Existence When She’s Replaced By the Next Kind of Pretty Girl.) BUT. Things might be changing with cycle 15. The CW confirms that the winner of the next season of Top Model will not be shot for the cover of Seventeen. Awww, how sad, I know you’re thinking. They don’t even get a cover shoot anymore? First they lost the chance to be shot by world renowned photographer Gilles Bensimon, and now this?

But, no, Top Model fans! This is a happy thing! According to The CW, the winner of cycle 15 will be on the cover of…Italian Vogue. Yes, you heard me right. Not Liechtensteinian Vogue, or Oklahoman Vogue, but Italian Vogue. That’s quite a step up, no? This batch of girls will really have to perfect their Smize to win the title.

Damn you, Top Model, and your ability to keep me interested cycle after cycle!

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