• It’s official: MTV has picked up Teen Wolf. Too bad poor Andy can’t watch. [THR]
  • Harry Potter‘s Emma Watson and Percy Jackson and the Olympians‘ Logan Lerman are in negotiations to star in The Perks of Being a Wallflower, which is based on a book that “has been on the American Library Assn.’s list of the 10 most frequently challenged for reasons including the treatment of drugs, sex, and suicide.” Sniff. They grow up so fast. [Variety]
  • Paul Greengrass will not be directing the 3-D version of Fantastic Voyage, and instead focusing on an adaptation of Treasure Island. I guess because his name sounds cool in pirate-speak. Argh, Paul Greengr-aughss! [Deadline]
  • J.J. Abrams is hoping if Phil Alden Robinson builds his heist project, people will come. The Field of Dreams scribe has been tapped to pen the script for Abrams’ heist flick. [THR]
  • Walden Media will be turning Frank Cottrell Boyce’s children’s book, Cosmic, into a feature film. Described as “Apollo 13 meets Charlie and the Chocolate Factory,” the story centers on a boy who finds himself in a spaceship after being mistaken for an adult. So I guess Justin Bieber is out of the running then? [THR]
  • The CW has ordered the weight-loss reality show Shedding for the Wedding, which features couples competing to shed pounds before their weddings. Not, as I initially thought (okay, hoped), a series about longhaired cats making a commitment. [Deadline]
  • Ashton Kutcher will executive produce a Beauty and the Geek-esque reality show called Geek Meets Girl, which follows a nerd and a beautiful woman on a date. Awesome — I’ve always wanted to see what a night on the town is like for Peter Orszag and Bianna Golodryga. [Variety]