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Image Credit: Vera Anderson/WireImage.comAh, Megan. I guess, in some way, we all knew the day would come when you’d part with the Transformers franchise. You’re an actress. You need to grow! To run free! To emote opposite actual human beings instead of tennis balls that will later be CG’d into skyscraper-size robots! It’s only natural. And yet, it seems like just yesterday you were leaning over the hood of that car in your jean skirt, sending a nation of fanboys into momentary hormone-induced comas.

So, on this bittersweet occasion, we’ll simply throw the question out to our loyal PopWatchers: Is Megan Fox’s career damaged by her exit from the Transformers series, or does it clear the way for better opportunities? Sure, those movies launched her career into hyperspace and gave her a nice cushion to fall back on when side projects (How to Lose Friends and Alienate People, Jennifer’s Body) didn’t quite pop at the box office. But if her goal is to show everyone she has A-list acting chops, Transformers hasn’t exactly given her much to do, and this could be her chance to break away from the eye-candy roles that have dominated her resume so far.

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