By Jeff Jensen
Updated May 20, 2010 at 06:27 PM EDT

Image Credit: Bob D’Amico/ABCLost fans are already sweating the prospect that Sunday’s series won’t resolve their favorite pet mystery or most burning question. For those left wanting, there is hope: EW has confirmed a TV Guide report that the producers plan to address a selection of baffling bits of unfinished business on the season 6 DVD, which goes on sale in August. An ABC insider says the set will include “new content that addresses some of the unanswered questions in an entertaining way,” though disputed reports that there could be as much as 20 minutes worth of mystery-resolution material.

While Lost die-hards probably needed no incentive to invest in the DVD, the promise of extra revelation will no doubt increase the chances that they will make the purchase the second it becomes available. What do you think of the move? On one hand, I can see fans feeling grateful that producers are looking out for their interests. On the other hand, I can see them irked that none of the DVD stuff was in the (free-to-watch) show. Getting past that: which mysteries should get addressed? Personally, I’d like to know more about the Dharma palette drop (season 2) and Jacob’s cabin (season 3 and 5). How about you? But before you answer, check out this epic, inspired, and rather moving fan-made music video dedicated to the show. (Video embedded after the jump.) If you’re a Lost fan, get ready to hear your new favorite song.

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