By Kate Ward
Updated May 19, 2010 at 09:15 PM EDT

Image Credit: Samir Hussein/Getty ImagesOh, rhyming is fun. Stevie B. — he of The Celebrity Apprentice and baptizing Spencer Pratt fame — is suddenly getting serious: According to The Hollywood Reporter, Stephen Baldwin is directing The Will to Drill, a documentary about the devastation related to the U.S. Gulf Coast oil spill. The Usual Suspects actor is also roping in some other A-list talent — Kevin Costner might serve as narrator. Apparently, Baldwin told THR that he doesn’t plan to point fingers in the picture: “This is not a blame game,” he told them. “Everyone is to blame for this oil thing, for our over-dependence on it. Not just one company.”

I could talk about how Baldwin said everyone’s to blame immediately after insisting “this isn’t a blame game,” but I won’t. Instead, I’ll choose to focus on the fact that Baldwin is zeroing on something important and respectable — something that doesn’t involve his own celebrity, for once. Does this mean Baldwin’s the second coming of Al Gore? I’m definitely hesitant to say so, considering this is a man who starred in movies called Earthstorm and Dark Storm in the course of one year. (I wonder which storm is worse?) But since I actually do like the guy — as much as I like to tease — I’m hoping this inspires a new career turn for Baldwin. You’re a celebrity, Stevie B, but get the heck outta those reality shows!

Are you interested to see how this pans out?