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We spend a whole lot of time thinking about Robert Pattinson. We wonder what he’s up to, who he’s with, and most importantly, what he’s thinking. Well Twihards, today is your lucky day. Pattinson finally revealed just what is going on in that pretty little head of his: nothing. “There’s always stuff, you know after all the Twilight things, everyone’s always like ‘Brooding, what’s that?’ And so people always ask me, ‘What are you thinking about?’ And there’s literally nothing!” Pattinson explained to Ellen DeGeneres on her show this afternoon. (See the clip embedded after the jump.)

Pattinson also debuted his new hairstyle. (Taking a note from fellow Brit Ed Westwick?) He claimed his freshly cut locks were the result of a bad case of “nits” (what our neighbors across the pond refer to head lice. Gross!) “Are they not called nits here?” he sheepishly asked in his British accent. And then we loved him again. The haircut is actually for his new film, Water for Elephants with Reese Witherspoon, which begins filming this week. What does Pattinson think about all of this? Nothing, of course.

Maybe it’s the new ‘do? Could the fresh cut have stripped him of his brooding capabilities and overall thought process? Nope, apparently he’s never thought much about anything. “I’ve always had a problem kind of actually thinking before I open my mouth…” he explained. “Being spontaneous?” Ellen asked, hoping to save the poor bloke. “Yeah being spontaneous…or just thinking,” Pattinson answered. Watch as the light bulb in his head fails to go off.

Do you still love him, PopWatchers?

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