May 19, 2010 at 11:11 AM EDT

Image Credit: Donna Ward/PR PhotosIn thinking what Jemaine Clement should do when we learned Flight of the Conchords would not return for a third season on HBO, “play a bad guy in Men in Black III” was not the first thing that came to mind. But according to the Hollywood Reporter and Deadline’s Mike Fleming, that’s in the works, and frankly, it’s a pretty flippin’ good idea. Clement — who next stars with Steve Carell in Dinner For Schmucks — will follow in the footsteps of Vincent D’Onofrio’s bug and Lara Flynn Boyle’s alien Serleena as the MIBIII villain Boris, which THR says is described as “charmy and creepy at the same time.” (Are there two traits Clement is better suited to simultaneously manifest than “charmy and creepy”?) Will Smith and Tommy Lee Jones are already on board for the threequel, and Josh Brolin is playing a young version of Jones’ character (most of the movie takes place in 1969). The plot is under wraps and there’s more casting on the way (how about Bret McKenzie as a villain who’s “meek and spazztastically funky at the same time”?), but with the addition of the Hiphopopotamus, this is looking to be a fun summer 2012 popcorn flick. Right, PopWatchers?

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