Jason Barnes, also known as Jazan Wild, has filed a copyright infringement lawsuit against NBC Universal, claiming Heroes had stolen plot details from his own graphic novels. Barnes, the author of three Carnival of Souls books — which follow a “traveling circus of damned souls that moves between this world and the next, between reality and dreams” — claims NBC infringed on his copyright during the fourth season of Heroes. According to the suit, “The first two episodes of Heroes…introduce a traveling carnival virtually identical to that in [Barnes]’s original, copyrighted works. The settings and the storylines are virtually the same. The main character in both stories leads a carnival of lost souls and outcasts.”

Other similarities noted in the suit: Both Heroes and Carnival are centered on a carnival that can magically disappear and reappear, boast Jamaican Vodoo witchdoctors, and have scenes that feature a character “running through a remote wooded area while being chased by an angry mob, who believes the Carney or Hero has committed murder.” UPDATE: An NBC Universal spokesperson issued the following response to EW: “We believe this lawsuit is meritless and expect to prevail in the litigation.”