By Kate Ward
May 19, 2010 at 04:44 PM EDT

  • Alfred Molina has joined the cast of Taylor Lautner’s Abduction as a CIA agent searching for the leading man. Unfortunately, he doesn’t realize until the end of the movie that he can just consult the Twilight message boards to find Lautner. [Deadline]
  • Juno Temple is in talks to play the queen in Paul W.S. Anderson’s 3-D take on The Three Musketeers. Seeing as Temple played Jane Parker — Anne Boleyn’s sister-in-law who went insane in the Tower of London and was subsequently executed — in 2008’s The Other Boleyn Girl, this is quite the promotion. [THR]
  • AMC has picked up pilot Hell On Wheels, which is centered around the transcontinental railroad’s 19th-century construction. If people think the transcontinental railroad is “hell on wheels,” then they obviously have never seen me try to drive a stick-shift. [Deadline]
  • Sony Pictures Classics has acquired Vera Drake director Mike Leigh’s ensemble drama Another Year — as in, another year, another Mike Leigh Oscar contender. This one’s about “a happily married couple, some troubled friends, and the nuanced emotions of aging.” [THR]
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