May 18, 2010 at 10:26 PM EDT

Will the fascination with Megan Fox ever end? I’m guessing yes, but not in the near future. After all, I include myself in the group of people that doesn’t necessarily follow Fox’s career, but rather every single magazine interview she ever participates in. And Fox’s most recent interview is with Allure, where the foul-mouthed Fox — she apparently drops the F-bomb 24 times during the interview — who we see playing so dirty (see: Jennifer’s Body) admits to being really clean. Like, really, extremely clean. Because she has obsessive compulsive disorder. Says Fox, “This is a sickness, I have an illness — this is not OK anymore.”

Other water-cooler tidbits from the article, which is in the June issue of Allure: Fox will “starve to death before I’ll cook for myself” and can “survive a week without eating,” something I imagine she’d have to do since she also avoids restaurant silverware at all costs. (“Putting my mouth where a million other mouths have been, just knowing all the bacteria you carry in your mouth? Ucch!”) Of course, who knows whether or not anyone should take these statements seriously, especially after Fox herself talks to her interviewer about being misunderstood in articles: “I was trying to be lighthearted and have a sense of humor, but I have no desire to express it, really, anymore, because I’ve always been f—ed doing so.” (I’m guessing she might be referring to this.)

Yes, nothing Fox says here is particularly Earth-shattering. Yet, it still makes headlines in the blogosphere — including here, on PopWatch. And why is that? What is it about Fox that keeps us so interested? For some, the answer’s pretty obvious just looking at her. And for others, there’s a desire to read Fox’s quotes just to shoot her down. (Like when readers hated on her after reading this 2009 interview — in which Fox talked about women hating her.) Then there’s the group — which includes myself — that reads her interviews simply because we know she’ll say something interesting, rather than stick to canned studio-approved responses. (Just see this quote from a June 2009 interview with EW: “I think that I’m so psychotic and so mentally ill that if I could tap into that I could do something really interesting.”) Hey, we’re all still talking about her, so either way, she’s doing something right.

PopWatchers, do you find yourself still interested in Megan Fox?

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