Studies have shown that Hidden Gems of the Week,’s collection of reader-submitted ridiculata, is the best way to enjoy Dancing With the Stars without ever having to turn it on. It’s a visual feast of sparkles, fringe, and flesh. Ready to go down the rabbit hole? Behold this bountiful smattering of Visible Gems!


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“When Brooke mentioned Evan was ‘shy in his package,’ Ana looked down at Evan’s ‘package’ and made a face to someone off-camera? Cracked me up. Of course, I am pretty dirty-minded so I may have imagined it….” —Misty, Ellen, Colleen, Terri, Chris, Gio Gio, China Trail, Kate, Lars, Jenny, Collin, Rachel, kevinkawa, and Jenn, who watches with her mother


“When the band was introduced, it was cute how they all waved “hello.” I can’t remember seeing this before. Usually they focus on Harold, but this time it was a wide shot from above. Loved it!” —Lin

“I thought that was really funny! Especially the band member that waved his sax in the air!!” —Lilly

“Hidden Gem: After one of Len’s critiques, he had an oval red light (?) over his head. He looked like a teletubby!” —KWo

“Or like he was trying to channel the ancient Pharaohs of Egypt…” —Lady Pirate

“I saw that too! It looked like a glowing pod from a sci-fi movie. Crazy!!” —gigi

“Thanks…I thought I was hallucinating that glowing red orb!! Gotta stop hitting the catnip before the show.” —queue55

“I think it is an anthurium sans the spadix (little boy).” —Karamba

“There was a woman sitting a couple of rows behind the judges table who was wearing a white shirt with sequins. You got a little sparkle everytime the judges gave their comments — it was like she was channeling her own personal mirror ball” —MLM

“I saw your lady with the sequiny top and she had friends with her. There were about three or four ladies wearing their sparkly tops. I thought it was cute.” —Gidget

“Carrie Ann busting a move behind Tom right before his intro for the Latin round.” —JH

I didn’t notice a whole lot of hidden gems except for [Farmer] Damian hiding out in the 2nd row. Why can the pros not get good seats?” —KelbelDance, JHF, Fridge, Lin, Gemologist, Colleen, Lilly, Melissa

“I was momentarily horrified as I thought I spied Spencer Pratt over Tom’s right shoulder. NOOO!” —Meg


“During Kristi Yamaguchi’s ‘go, Evan’ speech, there is a little pair of brown ice skates on the table — cute!” —Hunter, Gem Hunter

“I vote for Evan’s dimples as a hidden gem. So cute! Didn’t know he had them until that segment aired.” —Stee, seconded by Lorie and EW

“Evan & Anna are watching the video of Evan’s nephew — behind them on a shelf are two dancing figures and there’s a light that makes it look like they’re dancing in flames.” —Hunter, Gem Hunter

“Right before Evan’s first dance they cut from rehearsal footage to the judges table where Evan was worshiping the picture of Anna – Carrie Ann was totally caught doing a boob check!” —anonymous

“The almost whole row of women in knee-length print skirts after Evan’s first dance.” —JH

“Was the coffee cup Tom gave Evan empty? Evan looked confused about what to do with it” —Rach

“After their foxtrot, Anna couldn’t stop looking at Brooke’s boobs.” —Melissa

“Not-so-hidden gem for my house: Evan dressed for the paso doble in a sequined old lady jacket. My husband said it looked like something Lucille 2 might wear.” —Katja, seconded by jrm

[This is possibly the greatest Hidden Gem in history. There were so many jackets to choose from but DWTS is such a f—ing fiesta all the time that I went with this one! —Annie not wanting to start her recap]

“My Not-So-Hidden Gem: Evan getting a well-deserved standing ovation for his paso by everyone as he and Anna entered the celebaquarium. They all clearly loved his dance.” —Lorie, endorsed by EW, JH, Mohtra

“After the paso, Evan pulled a Governor Paterson like on SNL/WU.” —Melissa, IAA Evan

“Were the creepy trees used during Evan’s paso doble stolen from the set after Lady GaGa performed on Idol a couple of weeks ago?” —Tiffanie, JD


“Why does Maks keep blowing in Erin’s ear like that? This is Dancing With the Stars, not some high school makeout party! I have to admit though, they make a cute couple.” —Sami

“Hidden gem: Is Princess Sparkle starting a men’s line? Because I loved the sparkly bangle/cuff Maks was wearing.” —gigi

“Uhhhhh Maks’ nips? Anyone?” —ANWTWHR

“Erin’s sister has Alias hair from the pilot episode. Awesome.” —IAA Evan

“The hair decoration on the top of Erin’s mom’s head looked a bit like something sparkly from Planet Mirroballus.” —Collin

“Maks in the paso looked like Aladdin in black and gold” —Colleen

“Maks looked like a genie during their second dance….and I know what my wish is…..” —IAA Evan

“Hidden Gem: The hoops with silver behind Erin/Maks looked like Daniel’s shower costume in Karate Kid.” —@RevDJChadEsq

“Hidden gem: Following Erin/Maks’ paso, Brooke began her interview saying ‘After watching your package….” meanwhile, her eyes seemed to be lasered in on Maks’ crotch. (Can’t say that I blame her!) Perhaps, though, it was just an illusion caused by her heavy lashes and eye shadow.” —Scooter

“Maks’ gratuitous bicep flash on the first 10. It looked like his bicep swallowed a tennis ball.” —IAA Evan, Fridge


“Not so hidden, but worth mentioning: How cute was that picture of Chad as a kid in his little white shortie Easter suit??” —JH, 10SCmom

“I don’t know if it was the lighting or what, but Cheryl’s spray tan took on a surreal orange glow. What with her green top, she sorta looked like an Oompa Loompa.” —Mothra

“It looks like Cheryl is wearing mirror ball earrings! Either that or they could have been spare diamonds from Chad’s seemingly endless supply.” —anonymous

“When Chad and Cheryl were sitting in the steps waiting for their number to begin, the fog machine was on and it looked like Chad was smoking…I thought ‘Len is NOT going to like this!'” —Gio Gio


“My Hidden Gem: During the line up at the beginning, Derek was jumping (possibly for warm-up) but it totally looked like he was jumping so he could actually be seen behind her! —Kathy

In Nicole’s growing-up package, in the picture of her as a little girl, her little brother (I assume) looked a lot like Young Caine from Kung Fu.” —orville, abby

“Nicole’s former teacher’s fabulous & sparkly octopus pin.” —JH, Scarlett O’Samba

“It went by so fast I couldn’t tell exactly what it was – but what was on Sean Combs’ finger? A white bandage looking contraption…” —April

“What was with the landing strip behind Tom after Nicole’s tango?” —elizabeth

“I thought the red lights looked like cherry snowcones” —Scarlett O’Samba

My hidden gem: Evan and Anna in the celebriquarium when Derek and Nicole were being interviewed after their first dance. First, they were alone, which was amusing in itself. Then Anna was perfectly framed between Derek and Nicole’s shoulders almost the whole time, almost as if their placement was planned out to highlight her. Finally, Evan was fixing his bow tie in the background when their scores were being read, as if he were totally unconcerned about their scores.” —EW

OK, was that Hill Harper [Hawkes from CSI: NY] in the audience? —Lady Pirate, confirmed by Mortified and Susan

After Nicole and Derek’s Argentine tango, the annoyed/surprised/stank face on Kareem Abdul-Jabbar’s face as they sprinted past him on their way to the Celebriquarium. —orville

Donny Osmond sitting behind Rick Fox and not getting mentioned!!! :(” —Collin, Lorie

Best Hidden Gem for me was in the pre-commercial segment leading into Nicole & Derek’s second dance. The real make-up lady seemed very amused by Derek & Nicole as she watched them paw at each others faces and hair while they sat in the make-up chairs backstage. —JR

“Bruno’s jump slap reaction in the background when Derek and Nicole hit the last beat of their Prince routine.” —@msmandee, Gemseeker, Fresh, JH, queue55, Kittyvan, Colleen

“It’s like at that moment he decided it was a 10.” —Melissa

“While critiquing Nicole’s dance, Carrie Ann illustrated how Nicole “pooped” a cha cha out of her cleavage.” —Gemologist

By the way, a lot of you nominated Kate Gosselin. Sorry. Executive decision: She is neither hidden nor a gem. Fringe Fairy don’t play that game. Thank you anyway, and thank you DANCMSTRs one and all for your fabulous nominations!

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