Shia LaBeouf, Harrison Ford, ...
Credit: David James

People in Hollywood don’t usually admit mistakes. But there are exceptions. Just this weekend, Shia LaBeouf broke the Hollywood cone of silence and provided some minor closure on one of the darkest episodes in American history. Speaking to the Los Angeles Times, the actor apologetically admitted that Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull was not exactly the greatest movie ever.

To me, LaBeouf’s comments don’t sound remotely diva-ish. He notes his own responsibility for the film, saying, “You can blame it on the writer and you can blame it on Steven [Spielberg]. But the actor’s job is to make it come alive and make it work, and I couldn’t do it.” (Considering that he’s talking about the scene where his character swings through the treetops with monkeys, I think he’s being a bit hard on himself.) He also insists on having a tremendous amount of respect for Steven Spielberg: “He’s done so much great work that there’s no need for him to feel vulnerable about one film. But when you drop the ball you drop the ball.” (Spielberg’s camp issued no comment to EW.)

PopWatchers, how do you feel about LaBeouf’s admission? Does anyone else find it noteworthy that he mentions Spielberg and co-star Harrison Ford, but doesn’t say a word about producer (and skull-enthusiast) George Lucas? And do you think it’s admirable for such a young actor to go on the record against Steven Freaking Spielberg, or do you think LaBeouf is stabbing his coworkers in the back? And does anyone out there really like Crystal Skull? (My brother does, but he also likes Temple of Doom, which proves mental illness runs in my family.)