Image Credit: Bob Charlotte/PR Photos; Everett CollectionThe 1954 Disney adaptation 20,000 Leagues Under the Sea is the stuff young, geeky dreams are made of. Combining lots of awesome undersea visuals with a massive performance by James Mason and the musical stylings of Kirk Douglas, Disney’s Leagues only looks more adorably lo-fi with age. (I spent about three years of my young life watching the movie every single day.) Presumably less adorable, but hopefully equally good: the proposed new adaptation of the classic Jules Verne story which, according to the Hollywood Reporter, will be directed by David Fincher and produced by Disney.

Now, Fincher and Disney don’t seem to have very much in common. After all, besides The Aristocats, very few Disney films have ended with decapitated heads and terrorist bombings. But the notion of Fincher tackling 20,000 Leagues has my head spinning. The story is a mix of high-seas adventure and Victorian-era sci-fi, which seems to fit nicely in the Benjamin Button‘s director’s wheelhouse. (And when you think about it, the charismatic Captain Nemo seems a little bit like a proto-Tyler Durden.)

As the Hollywood Reporter notes, this is actually the second Leagues project in production: Ridley and Tony Scott are working on their own version of the movie, and they’re eying Timur Bekmambetov as a possible helmer. (It’s the Battle of the Public Domain Stars!)

Bekmambetov’s another director more prone to bleak visuals and adult themes. Both projects sound exciting/totally bananas. PopWatchers, which are you more excited for?