By Kate Ward
Updated May 14, 2010 at 06:07 PM EDT

  • That’s a bingo! Summit Entertainment has picked up Paul W.S. Anderson’s 3-D Three Musketeers — which stars Logan Lerman, Milla Jovovich, and Christophe Waltz — for release next summer. [THR]
  • In other Inglourious Basterds vet news, star Diane Kruger has been tapped to star in Special Forces, an Afghanistan-set drama about a kidnapping. [Variety]
  • French production company Pan Européenne is planning a 3-D biopic of oceanographer Jacques-Yves Cousteau with a budget of $37 million. Sacre blue! (Get it? Instead of bleu? Because the ocean is…forget it.) [Variety]
  • Pierce Brosnan, Billy Bob Thorton, Maria Bello, and Giovanni Ribisi are set to star in crime thriller St. Vincent, which centers on a hitman (Brosnan) who goes undercover as a priest to “get close to his target, a gangland traitor (Thorton).” [Variety]
  • There Will Be Blood‘s Paul Dano is set to star in Jon Favreau’s Cowboys & Aliens. As long as he stays away from oilmen! [Deadline]
  • In a press release, the producers for David Mamet’s Race have announced Eddie Izzard is joining the cast. My guess is he won’t have a flag.
  • SyFy has picked up Super Eruption, a telefilm that centers on a super volcano in Yellowstone Park, and not Superman’s bedroom habits. [THR]
  • Wonderland director James Cox is on board to direct Billionaire Boys Club, which is based on a true story about “a group of wealthy young men in Los Angeles during the ’80s who resorted to murders after their social and investment club went sour.” The things people will do while high on Aqua Net. [THR]
  • Producer Lili Fini Zanuck will direct an adaptation of the 1996 novel Assault on Tony’s by John O’Brien. The dark novel focuses on five bar-goers who are trapped in an establishment for 17 days while a race riot erupts outside the bar. I can think of other terrible trapped situations. [THR]