By Annie Barrett
Updated May 14, 2010 at 04:49 PM EDT

Help me, Punjab, help! My favorite-for-obvious-reasons comic strip Annie is ending after 85 years — the last installment will run Sunday, June 13. Originally created by Harold Gray as Little Orphan Annie, the strip inspired 1930s radio program Adventure Time with Orphan Annie, a 1977 Broadway musical, several movies, and my overall sense of self-importance.

According to the AP, “the strip’s last panel is a cliffhanger, showing Annie caught in a tangle with the Butcher from the Balkans. Daddy Warbucks is left to mourn her loss.” So he’s not sure she’s really gone…just like Annie was re: her birth parents! Total role reversal! All he has left of his little girl is half a locket, some tap shoes, and her flowered bathing cap/little yellow bathing suit that he said he liked. Fine, I’ve only seen the movie. And I’ve just made Daddy Warbucks sound like a pedophile. Annie deserves better than this. Annie is sorry.

Will you miss Annie? Also, what’s a “newspaper”?

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