“Dance. It’s all I wanna do. So won’t you dance?”

With pleasure, Kylie. Except it’s not entirely clear that “All the Lovers”, the just-leaked first single off the down-under pop diva’s upcoming album Aphrodite (out July 5), is actually a full-on dance track, musically speaking. Despite Minogue’s enticing lyrical invitations to get down, the song’s sound is less in line with the urgent robo-rhythms of her 2007 hit “Speakerphone” than with the earnest dreampop of 2004’s “I Believe in You,” right down to their copycat basslines. Translation for the non Minogue-ophiles out there: it’s a head-bopper, not a hip-shaker.

Of course, both of those older songs reached near-ubiquity in gyms, gay clubs, and clothing stores, and “All the Lovers” likely will, too. It’s got an addictive groove, those famously breathy vocals, and a climax of soaring, tangled synths that would’ve been the perfect main-menu soundtrack for an Atari game of Studio 54. The dance floor can wait; we’re too busy enjoying this to get up right now.

Check out the song below, and let us know what you think: Is Kylie’s latest a summer smash? Or are you not feeling the love?

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