May 14, 2010 at 05:50 PM EDT

Image Credit: Jordin Althaus/NBCAn oil spill is causing catastrophic ecological damage off the Gulf Coast. A family in Canada was killed when a crater opened up and basically ate their home. And now, Law & Order has been canceled. The world’s a pretty scary, dark place right now. Except for one sliver of hope, one tiny ray of sunshine, reminding me it’s better to light just one little candle than to stumble in the dark, etc: Chuck has been renewed.

Once more, with feeling: Chuck has been renewed! There’s not enough “hell, yes” in the world for this, but…hell yes! It’s only for 13 episodes (though as Chuckleheads, well, we’ve heard that one before…), but still: More missions, more Chuck and Sarah, more Captain Awesome, more Morgan and Casey. I know some other fans have been a little iffy on this season, but I’ve totally loved it. Many items on my wishlist have already come true, and the show’s proven that its verve didn’t just come from the sexual tension between Chuck and Sarah: the show has not suffered creatively at all from those two crazy kids finally getting together.

My big hope for next season? More of Casey’s backstory — and maybe a steady timeslot that doesn’t suck. What about you, PopWatchers? What’s on your Chucket list?

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