Showtime's killer show is planning the mother of all twists. Plus, dish on ''Burn Notice'' and ''Glee''

Dexter Planning the Mother of All Twists
Those poor kids on Dexter are in for a world of grief when the Showtime smash returns in September — and I’m not talking about the brutal death of their mother. In the wake of Rita’s (Julie Benz) murder, Dexter (Michael C. Hall) will initially turn to his sister Deb (Jennifer Carpenter) to help care for their three children. (The meta-ish development means that Hall and Carpenter — who are married in real life — will be playing house on screen and off.)

”Dexter obviously doesn’t want to take the kids back to where their mother was murdered,” explains exec producer Sara Colleton. ”So they all move into his old apartment with Deb. You’ve got two people who can barely microwave a cup of coffee taking care of three kids in cramped quarters.” Adds new showrunner Chip Johannessen: ”Nobody quite knows what they’re doing, so there’s a struggle to cope.”

It’s one of several uphill challenges facing Dex in season 5, which picks up mere seconds after his discovery of Rita’s lifeless body. ”The theme of the season is atonement,” says Colleton. ”Dexter has to get in touch with things he never felt before: guilt, sorrow, self-forgiveness. There is blowback from his reckless behavior.”

There’s also the little loose end that is Rita’s unsolved murder. The audience may know that John Lithgow’s Trinity was the culprit, but the FBI doesn’t. ”Who is the first suspect when a wife dies? The husband,” Colleton points out. ”And where was Dexter [on the night] she was killed? Out on a boat disposing of a body [Trinity’s] — that’s not a very good alibi.” I’d go so far as to say it’s a really bad one.


Burt Reynolds Gets Burned
Burn Notice has tapped Burt Reynolds essentially to play Michael Westen (Jeffrey Donovan) before there was a Michael Westen. Allow series creator Matt Nix to explain: ”He’s the Ghost of Christmas Future,” says Nix of Reynolds’ character, Paul Anderson, who pops up during the show’s fourth season (premiering on USA June 3). ”He’s an ex-spy from the Cold War days who is a little bitter, a little lonely…kind of living in the past. Things have really not gone well for him. He’s Michael, should Michael succumb to some of the demons that haunt ex-spies.” The cautionary tale forces Michael to confront his commitment issues with Fiona (Gabrielle Anwar). ”Paul is very clear with Michael that Fiona is something special,” Nix reveals, adding that the on-again, off-again couple ”start out the season pretty close together. But over the course of the season, a whole new set of troubles crop up for them.”

A Glee Spoiler With Some Teeth
Glee is stirring up some new third-party drama for star-crossed lovebirds Will (Matthew Morrison) and Emma (Jayma Mays). In the June 8 season finale, Will comes to learn that Emma has moved on in a big way — she’s been secretly romancing her dentist! ”This is going to be a major character,” a source close to the Fox phenom says of the tooth doc, who will make his first appearance early next season. Not surprisingly, producers are looking to cast a big name — preferably one with a legendary smile. I believe they’re talking to you, Taye Diggs!

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