Credit: Henry Leutwyler

Image Credit: Henry LeutwylerWe’re coming up on a year since Michael Jackson’s untimely death, but the late King of Pop’s stuff lives on. Not just his music, though that’s here to stay, too. I mean Jackson’s actual worldly possessions: the assorted knick-knacks, portraits, and outfits that only he could have collected at Neverland Ranch. Photographer Henry Leutwyler has documented some of this treasure trove for an upcoming book, Neverland Lost. And today, noted MJ fan Kanye West has posted many of Leutwyler’s most striking images on his personal blog.

Leutwyler’s images capture something essential about the bizarrely beautiful palace that Jackson built for himself. There are statues of angels and Disney characters; Wizard of Oz and toy-soldier figurines; even what looks like an original hardcover of Peter Pan. There are all manner of sequined hats, socks, shoes, and of course gloves — so many individual sparkly gloves, in so many hues. There are personalized military uniforms and basketball jerseys. There’s an MTV Artist of the Decade award. I find the shots of thrones and related regalia, like the one (above) of a monogrammed crown sitting alone on a velvet pillow, to be particularly haunting. Jackson surely had that crown commissioned as a celebration of his unparalleled success. Knowing how his story ended, though, it’s hard not to see it as a faintly empty and tragic image.

Click over to to peruse the full set. What do you think of these photos? Which are your favorites?

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