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Cougar Town

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Travis Cobb, the giant inflatable gorilla who has never had much feeling in his butt, has graduated! (“We know.” “He’s blue.”) In the walk-up to the “everyman student” speech-giver’s ceremony, Grayson and Jules made the transition from secret lovers to public affection-displayers rather seamlessly. Grayson has ceased to be overly concerned with Jules’ “relationship-y” tendencies and has moved on to being a little annoyed that she (and her new wardrobe) can get pretty wrapped up in her son and suddenly shun the idea of sex. “Quit your bitching and get me some coffee. Welcome to the second week of dating!” said Jules the “asexual man-goblin.” After the jump, one of the best actor-inserts-real-life-into-new-series moments ever. Bruuuuuuuuuce!

Meanwhile, Jules wasn’t insistent enough that Laurie attend Travis’ graduation, even after Laurie backed out of her trip to “a country where handsome black men are wandering around.” Do you know how hard that was for her? Laurie worried she wasn’t as important to Jules as Ellie, so after cutting up Ellie’s enormous new lady hat, those two had another one of their adorable/bitchy heart-to-hearts, Ellie dropped the hint to Jules, and eventually all, except Laurie’s conservative tan dress, was well.

Cut to graduation. Barb was there, of course, penciling in her picks for the Class of 2010 Fantasy League. Travis was going to deliver a speech about his dad, because he didn’t want Bobby to feel so bad about peaking in high school, but instead that elusive red balloon showed up so they all chased that instead, except for Grayson and Ellie, who huddled all adult-like under version 2.0 of the giant floppy hat. Congrats, grad!


–“Is that you with Bruce Springsteen?” Why, yes, that is Courteney Cox with the Boss!

–The ridiculous high school musical about teen-queen Jules

–Laurie knew that “That would be acceptable” sounded like Booty Talk

–Andy’s patterned shirt reminded me of Cosmo Kramer’s lobster shirt

–Ellie watching Laurie sleep: “What else have I got to do? I’m Ellie.” Reminds me of commenter Meow’s suggestion that if Cougar Town‘s title is changed, perhaps they should consider Sleepwatchers.

–At least Ellie had 12 pictures of Taye Diggs to keep her company Chez Laurie.

–“You’re coming to Travis’ graduation. You’re family.” Awwwwww!

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