Image Credit: Stephen Scott/Temple Street ProductionsNow that we know we’ll continue to get our televisual dose of time-travel even after Lost ends — thanks to yesterday’s announcement that SoapNet’s Being Erica will return for a third season early next year — PopWatch is proud to bring you our own version of a flash-forward: A few exclusive tidbits about the coming season of the cult fave. Erica exec producer Aaron Martin tells us that in the coming 13 episodes, we’ll travel still deeper into the time-skipping-therapist network to meet Dr. Naadiah’s own doctor, played by Graham Greene (an Academy Award nominee, no less, for Dancing With Wolves, and late of Twilight: New Moon). Kai will be back (phew), and we’ll meet yet another patient, who happens to be Irish. This maybe, sort-of hints at my theory that season 3 will find her more involved in the time-travel world, possibly as a therapist-in-training herself, after Dr. Tom presented her with a choice of magical, unexplained doors through which to walk in the season 2 finale. But the beauty of this show is you never know what they’ll throw at us next.

As for boys: A new character gets a recurring role — Lenin, a guy Erica’s sister Sam works with, will be played by Brandon Jay McLaren (the dreamy Devon Sylver from The N’s highly underrated The Best Years). Ryan — that guy Erica dated for a bit in season 1 — will pop up again, as will Ethan’s ex, Claire. When it comes to Ethan himself, well, the “jury is out,” Martin says. Hmmm …

What do you think, PopWatchers? Any theories as to what season 3 will entail?