By Darren Franich
Updated May 12, 2010 at 10:59 PM EDT

Image Credit: Everett CollectionNo one will ever be able to argue that Mighty Morphin Power Rangers was a good show. But the combination of repurposed video from Japan and candy-colored inane high school drama somehow proved weirdly appealing, at least to nine-year-old me. (For some reason, I still remember what a Dragonzord is.) So I’m vaguely intrigued by the news from the Hollywood Reporter that the Power Rangers franchise is making a leap from Disney to Nickelodeon after being bought back by the original owner Haim Saban.

The plot of Power Rangers is helpfully explained by the introductory text to Mighty Morphin Power Rangers: The Movie: The Videogame for Game Gear. Besides introducing Amy Jo Johnson to the world (she played the Pink Ranger), Power Rangers didn’t leave a huge cultural footprint…or so I thought. Apparently, the high-concept toy advertisement TV series is about to begin its 18th season. (According to the article, the franchise has also generated “well over $5 billion” worldwide, which I think finally explains the financial crisis.)

Saban is betting that the move to Nickelodeon might reboot the franchise’s appeal. (Personally, I’m pulling for a gritty post-apocalyptic makeover. ) He also indicates that he’s considering theme park attractions. PopWatchers, any excitement for the possible return to glory of this franchise? Is it crazy to wonder if Rangers‘ popularity indirectly led to the success of the similarly martial-arts themed The Matrix years later?