Image Credit: Emma Summerton; Mike O’Brien/Courtesy of RykodiscKaty Perry is already rockin’ the airwaves with her Snoop-driven new single, “California Gurls,” which sings the praises of Daisy Dukes and gin n’ juice in the most straightforward pop fashion. But those of us still mourning the death of Alex Chilton couldn’t help but wonder… is it possible, could it be, oh say yes please gods of all that is good in the world, that the unconventional spelling is a reference to Big Star’s “September Gurls”?


Perry confirms the cool tip o’ the hat. “My manager, Bradford, he’s from Mississippi, and he’s a huge Big Star fan,” she recently told EW. “And with the death of one of their members, I had just written that song, and he’s like, ‘Katy, just for me, will you please title it ‘California Gurls,’ with a ‘u’? People won’t even know!’ I don’t know the whole catalog of Big Star, but I did it because Bradford is one of my best friends, and I thought it was cool, and you know, the kids like those variations.”

What do you think, Mixers? 10 bonus points to Perry? Or just to Bradford?

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