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Studies have shown that Hidden Gems of the Week,’s collection of reader-submitted ridiculata, is the best way to enjoy Dancing With the Stars without ever having to turn it on. It’s a visual feast of sparkles, fringe, and flesh. Ready to go down the rabbit hole? Behold this bountiful smattering of Visible Gems!

“ENTHUSIASTIC CHIMES LADY ON THE TAMBOURINE. Not so hidden, but still a gem. Just like Enthusiastic Chimes Lady.” —Lemon, Sami, Liz, Leila, Tiffanie, kittyvan, Manda, MelindaLu, Hunter, Gem Hunter (imposter), Sarahj

“Derek’s newspaper had the lights behind him shining through. You could actually see the real newspaper headlines behind the fake DWTS headlines: ‘Chile digging for survivors.’ Niiiice.” —Niki, seconded by IAA Evan

“My vote for a hidden gem: Nicole’s hair in her waltz looking like she had a bump-it in that bump. Who knows, it could’ve been used for her paso too.” —kdog

“Ariel and Eric were walking down the stairs at the intro tonight instead of Anna and Evan. Their names even have the same first letters!” —Jenn, nllls

“If you darken Evan’s eyebrows and spike up his hair, he looks like David Schwimmer.” —Amanda, ali427, AmyLSays, Foxy, heej, nllls, Dee, Terri R, Lexa

“Ross and Anna deserve the GELLAR CUP for their futuristic cha-cha!” —Hunter, Gem Hunter

“Anna was LeeLoo from The Fifth Element” —Potato Bug, Verity, April, msd, talkin’

“Brooke’s dress matched the staircase at the very beginning of the show. Totally planned? I think so!” —Tiffanie, gigi

“HG: Tony left the bathroom in the DanceCenter commercial without washing his hands!” —Aaron, seconded by IAMSOBZ

“He didn’t even do a fake drive by the sink. Was he just passing through?” —Hunter, Gem Hunter

“Niecy was reaching for that mirrorball like it was a burger wrapped in platinum packaging!” —Leah, Amanda, kittyvan, nllls, Melissa

“In Niecy’s second dance, a side view of her chest looked like a big pineapple.” —April

“I am loving Chad’s biggest little fan! Not sure what relation he is to Chad, but his smile lit up that room!” —Gemma, kt, gigi

Looking at Cheryl’s dress with the flesh triangles on her back made me think of the skin suit from Silence of the Lambs. Ick!” —Kat, KLH, Jen2, kt

“OMG. IT’S A MIRROR BALL.” —Annie not wanting to start her recap

“At the start of Erin and Maks’ tango, while on stage, Erin was supposed to run her palm up Maks’ leg, and she actually lifted his pant legs into a “capri” length, giving Maks a sexy schoolboy look for a brief moment.” —Lin

“After Maks’ and Erin’s first dance, they cut to Buzz Aldrin in the audience, and there was a little boy who so didn’t want to be there.” —Stine

“Buzz Aldrin was not sitting next to his past Hidden Gem wife! He has a new lady sitting next to him!” —Colleen

“Right before Len commented on Erin and Maks’ dance, Bruno had the strangest half-smile, half-”I think I need to pass gas” look on his face.” —Lin

“I was so distracted by the alarmingly low V-neck shirt Maks was wearing during their Rumba rehearsal. I couldn’t figure out what it meant. Broom + stop light on green? Huh?” —Eric

“As soon as Erin did the splits in her rhumba it hit me — the producers chose the wrong song for Maks and Erin. They should have done “Here I Go Again” by Whitesnake and had Erin in a white dress, teased hair and bare feet like Tawny Kitaen.” (What do you think Annie? You can ponder this question while you are not wanting to start your recap…please!) —What were the producers thinking?

“Maks’ wink at the beginning of the show when they were all lined up on the dance floor. Adorable!” —Lauren

“Not really a gem, but I just like that Maks shaved.” —Madd, Sami

“After Evan & Anna’s waltz, did Vera Wang flash some gang signs? It looked like she was trying to give him the thumbs up, but it turned out a little wonky.” —Scarlett O’Samba

“Last night, Anna was wearing a similar pink shrug thing to the one Erin and Kate wore earlier this season.” —Niki0

“Anna’s butt cheeks were just-barely hidden gems.” —TequilaSunrise

“Chad’s stone cold face after Evan’s cha cha” —Colleen, Zach, orville, Aaron, Skla

“Hidden Gem: The sleeves of Evan’s Futuristic oufit looked like those round candies on strips of paper I used to buy as a kid.” —Iggy

“The seed pearls glued to the ends of Anna’s faux futuristic lashes.” —Gemologist…..”like so many tiny tiny mirrorballs…” —JH

“During Nicole’s crying session, you could see the spray-on tan ended at her wrists.” —VC

“Right after Nicole and Derek did their Paso Doble there was a shot of the other celebs clapping outside the celebaquarium. On the right of the screen you could see Erin & Maks clapping too but hidden in the dark. Hmmm.” —Eric, KelbelDance

“The white gloves Evan was wearing made it look like he was clapping with Mickey Mouse hands. —TequilaSunrise

“Was that Kiptyn from The Bachlorette in the audience?” —Mindy, Sam, PhillyGirl, Casey, Sprite

“Hey, do you think maybe there’s another season of The Bachelorette starting soon??” —JH

“Gem: Was Niecy’s mom wearing a red dress in the front row? If so, then she silently protested one of Nicole’s standing ovations by just sitting there.” —jen

“When Nicole was with Brooke after her first dance, I laughed at Niecy who was in the background clapping so unenthusiastically. Her expression was almost saying ‘Spare me, girl. We all know you’re gonna get some 10′s.’ —Lorie, naynay

“Carrie Ann’s reenactment of the judges watching Nicole and Derek’s dance drew two very different reactions from Len and Bruno.” —Potato Bug, Zach, cheryl

“Check out Carrie Ann’s & Bruno’s shenanigans when Len was telling Niecy that her carriage ‘went so high, I’m surprised you could hear the music.’ Classic judge silliness!” —10SCmom

“More shenanigans: Before Nicole & Derek’s paso, Carrie Ann was making cat claws behind Tom — meeeeeoooooow!” —Hunter, Gem Hunter, Jen2, jb13760, Melissa

“The lovely crotch shot of the man behind Niecy right at the end of her first dance” —JH

“When Niecy said Louis had substituted snacks for caffeine this week, Brooke then said, ‘That’s dangerous.’ Is she now a doctor? What’s up with that!” –Addison….”And did you see Bruno after that comment, like WTH??” —naynay, Leah

“After Len called Erin a ‘dirty dirty girl,’ they cut to a shot of Kim Kardashian. Coincidence? I think not.” —kt, orville

“Hidden Gem: The lady sitting in the front row with the crazy looking furry white scarf. It looked like she had a couple of poodles hanging around her neck.” —KelBelDance, Amanda, gigi

“Usually boa-wearing types are all silly — nope she was ALL BUSINESS!” —Gio Gio

“When they came back from the break just before Nicole’s first dance, I coulda swore I saw the old guy from Up in the front row…” —msd

“The two girls in red who were so giddy to be on camera behind Tom when he was introducing the random futuristic dance” —JH

“The lady at the very beginning who couldn’t stop herself from peeking back during Tom & Brooke’s intro” —JH

“Behind Brooke & Tom during the intro check out the lady in the pink dress and her ‘I can feel the music in me’ wiggle” —10SCmom

“Hidden Gem: At the beginning of the Pro Showcase Dance, some lady in the front row busted out into some sort of flailing robot dance. Hi-larious.” —Heather

[Image quality is terrible here but I saw her too…she was LOVING IT! –Annie]

“When the Future Dancers were dancing they had this really cool ‘blimp shot.’ I wish they would use that camera angle more often…” —Gio Gio, 10SCmom

“Len’s outfit tonight was EXACTLY the same as one from a previous episode, as seen in the little recap segment at the very beginning of the show. Hard to not notice it when they showed it that way! (It’s a striking combination of yellow shirt with blue stripes, blue tie and yellow pocket square. I thought I was imagining things and my husband was annoyed at my rewinding and rewatching, but he confirmed it.)” —Niki

“When Carrie Ann kissed Len on the cheek, you could see a perfect kiss mark on his cheek!” —Lauren

“During Derek and Nicole’s rehearsal, there was a quick shot of the mirror ball on the piano bench. This is not the first time the mirror ball has shown up in rehearsal and it cannot be a coincidence. Obviously the DWTS producers are following Annie’s blog, and placing a ‘hidden’ gem in plain sight for us to find.” —s-diver43

“I am losing my mind with these Hidden Gems. I spotted one on Celebrity Apprentice the other night — many, many mirror balls in Cyndi Lauper’s ‘celebrity room.'” —Cuse

RESULTS SHOW GEM: “Chad’s DanceCenter profile said he was a jeweler!” —ANWTSHR

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