By Andy Patrick
Updated May 12, 2010 at 01:54 PM EDT

Image Credit: Michael Yarish/FoxThe mind boggles when it tries to imagine what kind of people could have brought Glee’s Sue Sylvester into the world. Or maybe that’s just my mind. At any rate, we may not have to imagine for much longer, as rumor has it the Fox hit is considering bringing on her Nazi-hunting mom and dad next season. Who should play them? Dare I suggest…

Jeffrey Tambor and Jessica Walter: Not only would re-pairing these scene-stealers formerly known (and loved) as the Bluths make good visual sense — like Sue, he’s tall and she’s lean – it would also make waiting for the Arrested Development movie at least a smidgen more bearable.

Michael McKean and Lesley Ann Warren: I picked him because, well, is there anything the Spinal Tap alum doesn’t make funnier? (Don’t bother to answer; I was being rhetorical.) Then I thought, “Hey, isn’t it about time somebody capitalized on the chemistry Mr. Green and Miss Scarlet had in Clue?” (You can answer that one — just answer yes.)

Fabio and Tina Louise: What better way to explain the coach’s obsession with beauty than to make her parents two beautiful people? Plus, wouldn’t the romance-novel cover-gramps’ accent be a tremendous asset in his, um, Nazi-hunting? And it’s just been too damn long since I’ve seen the erstwhile Ginger Grant! (Bonus: She can sing!)

Wilford Brimley and Betty White: Come on, what show doesn’t want the 24-karat Golden Girl to make an appearance right now? What’s more, the idea of someone so sweet as the mother of someone so… not — it’s sublime! And if we’re gonna meet the Cheerios leader’s dad, hiring the former Quaker Oats pitchman is just the right thing to do and the tasty way to do it.

Okay, your turn. Who do you think should play Sue’s Daddy and Mommie Dearest? Weigh in below.

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