By Michael Ausiello
Updated May 12, 2010 at 12:00 PM EDT

Question: I can’t go another week without getting some Dexter season 5 scoopage! —Maria

Ausiello: Your timing is impeccable, Maria. As luck would have it, I can’t go another week without giving you some Dexter season 5 scoopage. You’re never going to believe who ends up caring for Dexter’s three motherless children. Go ahead, hazard a guess. Dex’s in-laws, you say? Wrong! It’s Deb! New showrunner Chip Johannessen tells me that in the wake of Rita’s brutal slaying, Dex turns to his sister (played by Michael C. Hall’s real-life bride, Jennifer Carpenter) to help care for the kids. And if that’s not problematic enough, all five of them will move into Dex’s old (and rather teensy) apartment! “It’s partially funny and partially not,” says Johannessen. “Deb is not exactly the most maternal person. Nobody quite knows what they’re doing, so there’s a certain kind of struggle to cope.” (For more scoop on Dexter‘s fifth season — bowing in September — pick up the new issue of Entertainment Weekly.)

Question: Give me some solid Dexter season 5 scoop, spoiler boy. —Scott

Ausiello: You know that Trinity killed Rita. I know that Trinity killed Rita. And Dexter knows that Trinity killed Rita. The police and the FBI, however, don’t know that Trinity killed Rita. And who’s almost always ID’d as the prime suspect in a murder case? That’s right, the spouse. Long story short: Dexter’s nightmare has only just begun.

Question: Grey’s scoop? —Andy

Ausiello: Look for Ben and Bailey to sneak in a little coitus before next week’s apocalyptic crisis. Speaking of which, DEFCON 1 spoiler alert: The top secret catastrophe at the center of next week’s Grey’s finale involves (drumroll, please) a crazed gunman on the loose in Seattle Grace! Yikes!

Question: Tell us more about the scene in the House finale you called “one of my favorite Huddy moments ever.” —Annie

Ausiello: It’s dark. House and Cuddy are lying down. And there’s moaning.

Question: It’s not fair that you got to see the House finale before us. Not fair at all. The least you can do is slip us a scoop or a tease. —Julie

Ausiello: The “unanswered question with one of our actors” that exec producer Katie Jacobs teased a few weeks back involves a major character leaving Princeton-Plainsboro.

Question: I just watched the promo for the season finale of Private Practice, and it looks like it will be Maya or the baby dying. —Sara

Ausiello: There’s just one problem with that prediction: There’s no mention of the words “Maya” or “baby” on my list of casualty contenders.

Question: True Blood spoilers are starting to surface, but none about the couple I’m most interested in. Do you have any Eric and Sookie scoop? —Rose

Ausiello: I don’t. Sorry. I may, however, have a scoop about Eric and the show’s new gay vamp, Talbot (Theo Alexander). Earlier this month, Alexander Skarsgård revealed to that he recently shot a “very graphic [nude] scene with a man” on TB. Cut to a week later and TV Guide Magazine is reporting that one of the show’s hetero heartthrobs will hook up with Talbot this season. Are you thinking what I’m thinking? ‘Cause I’m thinking Eric and Talbot are going to be making some serious sexy time this season.

Question: Any good tidbits before the Smallville season 9 finale airs this Friday? —Joel

Ausiello: Just one — and it’s a DEFCON 1 spoiler: The answer to this blind item is Smallville.

Question: Any update on whether Sam Carr (Cynthia Watros) will be sticking around House next season? —Nathan

Ausiello: “She will be back next season,” confirms series creator David Shore. “But the extent of it has not been determined yet.”

Question: Since you’ve already seen the Gossip Girl finale, please tell me that Dan and Serena will stop pretending that they don’t have feelings for each other. —Damien

Ausiello: I can confirm that by the end of the hour, one of them will stop pretending.

Question: Can you tell us anything more about the shooting that you mentioned in the season finale of Gossip Girl — like a clue as to who it is or when in the episode it happens? —Kim

Ausiello: It happens at the end of the episode, and it’s one of the following three characters: Nate, Dan, or Chuck.

Question: Some Damon and Elena scoop, please? After last week’s episode of The Vampire Diaries, I am so on board with this couple. Stefan who? —Steph

Ausiello: Exec producer Kevin Williamson coughed up the following tease about this Thursday’s season finale that may or may not pertain to Damon and Elena: “One vampire will be forced to reconcile his humanity when it becomes impossible to deny his feelings for one very human girl.” KW goes on to tease that “Founder’s Day will serve as the backdrop for the final showdown between the tomb vampires and the town council — placing all of our characters in deadly jeopardy.” In related news, I can confirm that two of the 18 confirmed fatality slots on my May Sweeps Scorecard are reserved for VD characters.

Question: Can you please tell me if the Walker family will find out what the mysterious land is all about in the season finale of Brothers & Sisters? —Dawn

Ausiello: Yes, they will. And based on what I’m hearing, the twist will dovetail nicely with the upcoming one-year flash-forward.

Question: In last week’s Ask Ausiello, you bummed out the Wemma fans by saying there wouldn’t be a lot of Will and Emma in the remaining episodes of Glee. Now here’s the chance to make us smile — are there any Will/Emma developments on the horizon? —Amy

Ausiello: Yes, there’s a pretty major development coming up. According to a Glee insider, Emma drops a bombshell on Will in the June 8 season finale: There’s a new guy in her life! To find out who, pick up the new issue of Entertainment Weekly, on sale now!

Question: Anything juicy regarding the upcoming season of White Collar? —Stephanie

Ausiello: Alexandra Daddario’s returning as Neal’s presumed-dead ex, Kate! The catch? “We’re doing a flashback episode,” reveals EP Jeff Eastin. “We’ll see when Peter first catches Neal, and you’ll see Kate.”

Question: What’s the latest on Damages being picked up by DIRECTV? No news is good news, right? —Kyle

Ausiello: Normally, yes. But in this instance, no news is really alarming, troublesome, and depressing news.

Question: I’m so excited for Burn Notice‘s fourth season. Do you have any spoilers? —Emily

Ausiello: According to series creator Matt Nix, Michael and Fiona “start out pretty close together, but over the course of the season a whole new set of troubles crop up for them.” Click here to see what that trouble looks like.

Question: I made a contribution to help save the oil-covered baby birds. Now give SAVE OUR SEEKER another plug! —Sue B

Ausiello: Done. Now give my feeble feathered friends some additional love in the form of $$$.

Question: I heard Brennan will be contemplating a career change in the Bones finale. Does this mean the Booth/Bones partnership is coming to an end? — Anna

Ausiello: They’ll remain partners in crime solving, but series creator Hart Hanson isn’t ruling out the possibility of a location change. “We will not start season 6 without Booth and Brennan working together,” he says. “[But] I’m not willing to say they will be in D.C. I’m not willing to say that they won’t be [either].”

Question: Will Bones ever revisit Brennan’s desire to have a baby? —Megan

Ausiello: Yes. But you’ll have to wait until season 6. Teases Hart Hanson: “I’ve always found it interesting that Brennan’s interest in a baby faded when the possibility of Booth being the father faded.”

Question: I need some 90210 scoop! —Bryan

Ausiello: Two characters will [15th category down on my May Sweeps Scorecard] in the finale.

Question: How I Met Your Mother‘s season finale is next week. Got any awesome scoop on it? Will we be seeing Don next season? —Rebecca

Ausiello: If I answer that, it’ll ruin one of the finale’s big twists. I can, however, safely tease that both Don and Robin will be confronted with potentially life-altering dilemmas by the end of the half hour. Elsewhere, Robin and Ted come thisclose to [spoiler], and the episode includes a two-month time jump.

Questions: Got any Sons of Anarchy scoop? —James

Ausiello: Casting scoop! Acting vet James Cosom has booked a six-episode arc as Father Kellan Ashby, an Irish Catholic priest who takes a confession and is eventually forced to condone the ultimate punishment. The role was originally offered to ******y *alt*n, but for some unknown reason he passed.

Question: You are clever and considerate to keep us updated on the bubble shows with your handy scorecard. But can you give us the dates when the nets will be announcing renewals of existing shows? —Elizabeth

Ausiello: Final decisions will be made next week when the networks unveil their fall schedules at their respective upfront presentations. The exact dates are as follows…

Monday, 5/17: NBC and Fox

Tuesday, 5/18: ABC

Wednesday, 5/19: CBS

Thursday, 5/20: The CW

My advice to you? Keep very close tabs on both my blog and Twitter feed for late-breaking scoop on pickups, cancellations, and other important stuff like Lauren Graham sightings.

That’s a wrap! Please send questions, comments, and anonymous tips to Also, you can follow me on Twitter via @michaelausiello. Thanks for playing! (Additional reporting by Sandra Gonzalez)

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