By Archana Ram
May 11, 2010 at 07:16 PM EDT

It was only a matter of time before the popular, profane, and gut-busting Twitter account Sh–MyDadSays would become a victim of imitation, and today, we came across a Tumblr blog that hopes to capitalize on that Twitter feed.

Sh– My Kids Ruined lets people from across the world vent their frustrations about the woes of parenting, namely how all your stuff gets ruined once you have kids.

From broken car windshields (with the hilarious caption, “Holiday in France in now totally ruined”) to rooms so messy it makes me think the apocalypse is near, I’m going reaffirm the site’s tagline that it’s “the strongest visual birth control on the market today.” When and if I do have kids, I’m not going to cry if my children destroy my expensive shoes — shame on me for making them so accessible — but I will have to go “strangle my anxiety pillow” (as Jenna said on last week’s 30 Rock) if I have to come home to this.

But after going through the various by-products of mass child destruction, I wouldn’t call Sh– My Kids Ruined a copy of Sh–MyDadSays. It’s more like half Sh–MyDadSays and half FMyLife for the beleaguered parents of the world. I imagine parents will love this Tumblr for the sheer “That’s so my life!” factor, and if you’re like me, it’ll be a hilarious reminder to grasp, appreciate, and celebrate your life of fewer responsibilities — and still-intact prized possessions.

What do you guys think of the blog? How does it play out for the non-parents out there?