Former Miss USA finalist Carrie Prejean is probably biting her tongue today. As some of you might have already seen, the competition’s official “glam” pictures show this year’s Miss USA contestants writing on beds and posing seductively — all with the Donald’s seal of approval.

While Prejean may have been persecuted in May 2009 for posing topless, Donald Trump, owner of the Miss Universe organization, is defending this year’s sexy pics, explaining: “We are in a different age. They are a little bit sexy but I’ll tell you what — everybody’s watching, so I have no problems with it,” Trump says. “If you look at Miss America, it’s now off network television — and we’re doing better than ever, so I really have no problem with it.”

True, posing topless isn’t quite the same as posing seductively, but since I drink beauty pageant haterade, turning these women into literal sexual objects as opposed to the demure, but latent, sexuality of past Miss USA pageants is definitely not something I can get behind.

What do you guys think of the pictures? Is this much ado about nothing or should the organization have rethought their game plan?

Hell to the No!
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