Credit: Kevin Mazur/; AMPAS

Image Credit: Kevin Mazur/; AMPASShe joked about it on a promo for Saturday Night Live (“Type, nerds!”), but fans of Betty White are taking the idea of the 88-year-old hosting the Oscars seriously. The Facebook page “Getting Betty White to Host the Academy Awards” has amassed more than 6,000 fans since launching late Sunday night. It might sound far-fetched, but after proving she’s a ratings boost for SNL, one has to think the Academy might at least stop to consider it. She’s got the live TV experience and the quick wit. She’s beloved (in a Bob Hope way), so A-listers should be game for bits. And despite all those nerves she spoke about before hosting SNL, once she hit that stage, she was the picture of confidence.

UPDATE: White’s agent, who was instrumental in convincing her to host SNL, tells, “It is very flattering to hear that there is a movement on Facebook for Betty to host the Oscars. I try not to discuss hypotheticals with Betty….If offered…we will sit down or maybe even stand up and discuss if it is in her best interest.”

What do you think? Would you tune in to see Betty White host the Oscars? (One of the bits could be her changing gowns multiple times. At least one of them would need to be turquoise.) Or do you think that’s one audience she couldn’t win over?