By Sandra Gonzalez
May 10, 2010 at 10:44 PM EDT

Reason No. 102,390 I wish we lived in a Simpsons-esque world where people stay the same age forever: I’d never have to look at child stars I used to love and realize how much time has gone by. This story about the stars of Salute Your Shorts particularly jarred me. Z.Z. works in ad sales. Budnick has a child(?!). And when did Donkeylips turn into Gabriel Iglesias? Ugh. I hate change.

Despite my distress, I still propose a Nickelodeon ’90s show reunion. What happened to all the kids from Welcome Freshmen (IMDB is little help…). Alex Mack was on an episode of Psych last season, but what since then? What’s been going on with Pete and Pete? We can also invite Kirk Fogg, as long as he agrees to bring a silver monkey so my Legends of the Hidden Temple-loving heart can finally live out its dream of being in the presence of the pop culture relic. We can have the reunion here at EW (subtext: purely for my enjoyment). It can be hosted by Stick Stickly. Hey, the Goonies did it. Why can’t I?

But seriously, have any of your childhood favorites fallen off the radar and left you curious, PopWatchers? Who would you like to hear from again?