Mitch and Cam, Modern Family

It worked for Betty White! Now there’s a Facebook group called “Let Cam & Mitchell kiss on Modern Family,” and it’s probably going to work, too. Look at Mitchell. He is so sick of having to merely hug that sad clown who just wunna dance at the ballet! Just let them make out in the middle of the airport already. Viewers LOVE that. [Facebook]

Update 5/18: It seems this post has been called out, over a week later, for being “homophobic.” I don’t think it’s my job to explain how sarcasm works. I would like to clarify a few things, though, especially for readers who aren’t die hard ‘MF’ fans like we are:

–“I just wunna dance at the ballet” is a direct quote from the May 5 episode of ‘Modern Family.’ Fans of the show will easily recall Cameron’s spot-on Billy Elliot impression.

Cameron is literally a sad clown on ‘Modern Family.’ He’s known he wanted to be a clown (named Fizbo) ever since he found out clowns were just people with makeup. And he was sad in the airport during the episode in question. Clown/sad.

–“Viewers LOVE that” was my estimation of how people react to airport PDA in general. “Make out” is, I suppose, an unnecessarily exaggerated version of “kiss,” but if you saw the episode, Phil and Claire (the people on the left) were pretty much making out. It was an emotional moment! Anyway, I make no distinction between straight PDA and gay PDA, because there is no distinction. That’s the whole point. If you wanna make out, make out. Kiss. Peck. Whatever. Get it done.

PopWatch has always been a gay-friendly environment and our readers know that. This post was written tongue-in-cheek in support of the Facebook campaign to let Cam and Mitchell kiss on ‘Modern Family.’ I love ‘Modern Family,’ I adore Cam and Mitchell, and I apologize to those who see a “homophobic, heteronormative” voice above. You may be squinting too hard.

–Annie Barrett

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Mitch and Cam, Modern Family
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