By Darren Franich
May 10, 2010 at 10:08 PM EDT

Green Lantern is one of those superhero movies that could kind of go either way, tonally speaking. The character’s a cocky test pilot with a magic ring and a frisky love-hate relationship with his boss, which sounds like an Iron Man-ish bouncy action-comedy. But Green Lantern’s got a history of dark story arcs, the sort of stuff that lends itself more to Dark Knight-style grit.

Well, we’ve gotten some insight into the nature of the movie. On the strength of this picture, which shows Peter Sarsgaard in makeup to play GL nemesis Hector Hammond, I’d say we’re looking at a category 5 Tornado of Horrifying Grotesquerie. I’m not sure what freaks me out more: the fact that his brain looks ready to punch through his forehead, or the fact that he appears to have committed the cardinal sin of growing a mustache without really COMMITTING to it. The neck fat doesn’t help. (Admittedly, Sarsgaard may look less freaky when he’s actually in costume, though I like the idea of a supervillain who walks around in a T-shirt.)

Besides the fact that I will be unable to sleep for weeks, this photo makes me a teensy bit excited for next year’s Green Lantern. On the Dafoe/Ledger scale of superhero movie villains, Hammond looks much closer to Dark Knight‘s Joker than to Spider-Man‘s Green Power Ranger Goblin. What do you think, PopWatchers? Green Lantern fans, is this how you pictured Hector Hammond? Green Lantern haters, does this make up for the whole my-only-weakness-is-yellow thing? People who don’t know who Green Lantern is: Hi!