By Kate Ward
Updated May 10, 2010 at 04:50 PM EDT
Ali Goldstein/NBC; VH1

Image Credit: NBC; VH1Two things we learned on last night’s Celebrity Apprentice: 1) Girls just want to have fun Eiffel Towers and birdcages in their rooms, and 2) Bret Michaels, Poison frontman/activist/reality star also happens to be a very adept photographer. Honestly, guest judge Jonathan Adler wasn’t the only one wishing he could borrow Bret’s gorgeous New York City skyline photos for his own walls — both my mother and I (yes, we spent Mother’s Day watching Celebrity Apprentice, what of it?) found ourselves yearning to pick up a Bret Michaels original. Who knew the rocker was such a crackerjack photographer?

Well, I did, for one, because I actually watched Bret snap photos of the petri dish known as the Rock of Love cast on every season of the VH1 reality show. And if he could make this look great presentable good good enough to not make my eyes bleed, well, then he’s basically a professional in my book.

Anyway, where can I get a Bret Michaels original for my wall? Note that I say “original,” so I’d prefer one without implants, thank you. (Of course, knowing my Bret Michaels love, I’d probably settle for a Bret Michaels Silicone Edition pic too. But only if it was of Rock of Love Bus‘ Ashley, because then one day maybe I’ll discover how gravity allows this.)