By Darren Franich
May 09, 2010 at 12:00 PM EDT
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Race fans, we’ve had a long and memorable season. After many centuries of philosophical debate, we learned empirically that Cowboys are better than Detectives. We saw a re-enactment of the trench warfare of World War I. Perhaps more terrifyingly, we saw Brent and Caite re-enact the same fight on five continents. (“You’re dumb!” “You’re dumb!” “You’re a towel!” “No, YOU’RE a towel!”) We saw just how easy it was to lose one coconut. (For want of a coconut, the race was lost…) And now, the 16th race around the world is over, and only one team reigns supreme. (SPOILERS APLENTY after the jump…)

If we assume that CowBros Jet and Cord represented Good, and Dating Models Brent and Caite represented Evil, then…well, chaos reigns, because brothers Jordan and Dan managed to come out on top. I’m still trying to decide how I feel about JorDaniel’s line-cutting at the Shanghai airport. Sure, it’s all in the game, but that seemed like a uniquely dishonorable move. (That being said, Dan’s ability to sweet-talk the flight attendant was probably more important, in the end.)

As a Bay Area native, I was pretty stoked about all the San Francisco challenges, and I think they just about covered all the essential monuments. (Coit Tower? Check. Candlestick park? Check. George Lucas? Check.) I was even more stoked that we got one last little volley in the Brandy vs. Caite war of words.

What did you think of the finale, viewers? Did the cowboys walk away with a moral victory, or should they have gotten a bit more down and dirty for the last leg? Did Caite prove once and for all that she’s not as think as we dumb she is? And seriously, who called JorDaniel for the victory? Sound off below, then click over to read my detailed Amazing Race season 16 finale recap!

Phil Keoghan hosts the globe-trotting adventure series.
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