May 07, 2010 at 02:30 PM EDT

Image Credit: MTVI may have just figured out how I’m going to kill time while waiting for the release of Jackass 3-D. It involves MTV’s The Dudesons in America, a Johnny Knoxville-produced series in which four of his pals from Finland find a variety of horrific ways to inflict pain on themselves. How about that stupid/stupendous start last night? As I watched Jarppi stand on top of a building as it was demolished, all I could think was: THIS IS TEN KINDS OF CRAZY! (Dude got nailed on the head — hard.)

That was a figurative nailing. There was a literal nailing later as the guys foolishly agreed to have their ears fastened to a slab of wood. I got a good cringe out of the ball-busting banister gag, appropriately called Stairway to Hell. (Like with Jackass, I take almost as much delight in seeing these guys dread the stunt they’re facing down as I do in witnessing the big hurt.)

I chuckled at Stilt Rodeo, in which the boys on stilts tried to withstand an attacking bull (although I remember laughing and gasping harder at the toro totter gag from Jackass Number Two). Hillbilly Hill Barrels — picture Human Donkey Kong — was a little better in concept than execution. Oh, and I did appreciate [SPOILER ALERT!] the solidarity that Jukka showed in agreeing to be branded on his rear even though he’d won the competition (grand prize: sleep in the master bedroom with a nonbranded butt!).

Bottom line:  These guys mean monkey business, and I’d like to see them go head-to-head with our Jackass boys. (As it turns out, the Dudesons are slated to appear in Jackass 3-D.) What did you think of last night’s high jinks, PopWatchers? Will you be tuning in again next week, or is Jackass the only game in town for you?

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