By Jessica Shaw
Updated May 07, 2010 at 06:34 PM EDT
Credit: Robert Voets/CBS (2)

On last night’s Survivor, we watched a double elimination that led to the ouster of both a survivor and a hero. (SPOILER ALERT: If you don’t want to know who got kicked off, don’t look after the jump!)Image Credit: Robert Voets/CBS (2)That meant saying goodbye to both “hero” Candice Woodcock and “villain” Danielle DiLorenzo. One got called “pathetic” and the other wept her way through tribal council. The one thing they have in common? Regret. Regret. Regret.

ENTERTAINMENT WEEKLY: Candice, what did you make of Russell and Colby repeatedly bashing you last night and through the season, calling you weak and pathetic.

CANDICE WOODCOCK: I definitely had some words back for them last night but that wasn’t included in the show. It doesn’t really matter. Clearly I’m not pathetic. I have a life. I’m going places. I’m doing things. I think they were just really mad because their game was pretty much messed up by me and they took it personally. They didn’t have the maturity to be like, it’s just a game, so they attacked me personally. It’s fine. I’m not going to worry about it. I went against them. I made my bed and I can lie in it. It’s a game. People are lying all the time. The heroes didn’t want to play with me from day one. They didn’t listen to me when I tried to give my suggestions. I straight up told J.T. I’d go to the end with him and he straight up said “No. I don’t need you.” Who does that?

Both of you must have had an awkward entrance in the jury house. Candice, you betrayed your alliance, and Danielle, you had that whole awkward tug-of-war over the immunity idol clue with Amanda. How was it seeing the jury for the first time?

CW: Personally for me, I walked in and got the silent treatment. No one looked at me or came over to me. I was like, wow. This is very immature. It’s fine. They were mad at me. I think it was really J.T.’s idea because the next morning I was up early and Amanda came in and we had a talk and talked it all out and it was totally fine. I told her exactly what I was thinking. I think J.T. was being really childish about it. And he still was childish about it the whole time we were there.

DANIELLE DILORENZO: The only person there was obvious tension with was Amanda because of the confrontation we got into. We spoke about it after it happened. I understand why she did it but I was shocked and taken aback at the time that she grabbed the clue from underneath me. I felt like it was in my possession. But Candice and I got along there. I got along with Courtney and Coach.

Let’s go back to that battle for the immunity idol clue. I understood what you were saying that it was in your possession, but as a viewer I thought Amanda was absolutely insane for giving it back. It’s a game. She didn’t make the most honorable move but she got the clue. At the very least she should have read it.

CW: Danielle shamed her into giving it back!

DD: I made her feel like a total asshole. I think I did a really good job making her feel like she was in the wrong. I even convinced Colby. It was a game for a million dollars so she never should have given it back to me. But I was so happy when she gave it back. At the time I kind of made her feel like I would read the clue in front of everyone. But once I got it in my hands I was like, hell no! I put it inside my shirt and slept with my arms crossed all cuddled up. Later I thought, why didn’t I just grab the clue and run out of the room and put it in my shirt and be done with it?

Candice, any regrets about switching over to the villain side? Clearly, it was a gamble that didn’t pay off.

CW: I do have regrets, definitely. Watching that episode and seeing how dead-set Sandra was on voting Russell out and going with the heroes, especially. It was very clear from watching the episode but it wasn’t clear out there. Colby had told me he had a conversation about strategy with Sandra but I didn’t believe him because what did Colby do the entire game? Nothing but sit in the shelter and be pitiful. Sandra told me that day that she wasn’t going to go with the heroes because she didn’t trust Amanda. Sandra was going back and forth all day. Even when Rupert asked her if she was voting with the heroes she nodded and then shot me a look. Amanda had also lied to me about that whole altercation with Danielle. Both she and Colby came back and told me there was no clue. Russell had found the clue so I knew she was lying. I knew she was trying to work something for herself because she was always going off and having long talks with Russell or Parvati. It made me freak out that there was something going on that I didn’t know about. I think I blew it. I messed up. I definitely regret it. At the same time, I’m not the only one that made some short-sighted moves. I didn’t give back a clue for an immunity idol.

You two seemed to play opposite games. Candice, you were alone all the time and Danielle, you had a tight alliance until the end.

CW: It was very lonely out there. Nobody on the heroes tribe wanted much to do with me because they thought I should have been a villain.

DD: My game was always to find one or two people to stick with throughout the game. That worked for me in the past. I do regret aligning with Russell. But it’s such a catch-22. If you don’t align right away, everyone else does align and then you’re left out. If you wait and try to get to know people first, it’s too late. Had I seen how Russell played on season 19, obviously I wouldn’t have aligned with him. He wanted to work with me, he wanted to work with Parvati, I wanted to work with Parvati so it worked out well. I wanted an alliance quick.

Russell did have an unbelievable advantage over the rest of the players because no one knew what he was capable of.

DD: It was a huge disadvantage for us. He got to see how well we all played and what our personalities were like. We didn’t know who he was. We never saw him play. You just had to go with your instinct.

Danielle, were you cringing watching yourself cry through tribal council last night?

DD: I don’t regret crying. I’m human. As much as you try to be strong and not show any emotions and not bring your heart into the game, I’m only human. I was really, really hurt by the fact that Russell was trying to test my alliance with him. The three of us were so tight. I know on the show it looks like it was the Russell show but it was really me, Parvati, and Russell making all the decisions. The three of us orchestrated everything.

Candice, why’d you quit that immunity challenge so early? Is that ever a good idea?

CW: It wasn’t that I was quitting for food. I felt safe, stupidly. I also knew that coming over to the villains side I wanted to keep my head down. I didn’t want to threaten people within the alliance and make them think I could beat them at a challenge. I certainly didn’t do it because I wanted a peanut butter sandwich.

For both of you, when did you stop playing the “What if” game in your mind. Candice, what if you hadn’t voted off Amanda? Or, what if, Danielle, you and Parvati had taken out Russell?

CW: It doesn’t ever stop. You think it’s stopped but then an episode comes out and it starts all over again.

DD: It’s a never-ending cycle. You try to push it out but it finds a way back in.